🕹️Featured Games to be Published

🎲 Arena Ascent

Arena Ascent, is a fantasy, blockchain game, idle RPG auto battler with high-octane MOBA-based gameplay and exquisite graphics.

Players assemble a team of heroes to overcome challenges and complete missions, earning $PLXY and NFTs by advancing in PvE battles or winning in PvP contests.

Players will need to assemble teams, complete missions and fight their way through PvE and PvP battles. In-game assets such as characters and other items, will be tradeable on the PLXYER Marketplace.

GENRE : Idle RPG/AFK RPG PLATFORM : Android, iOS RATING : 15 INSTALL SIZE : 1GB LANGUAGE : English + Localization

👾After Human

After nuclear war, cities are in ruins and people struggle for survival. In order to survive, humans feed on various animals and even cannibalize, resulting in genetic mutations and become a host of a virus called 'Glass’. The glass virus crystallizes human tissue, making the skin glass-like crystals. The brain is also crystallized and the level of consciousness drops to the level of animals that are difficult to discern.

Survive and reach the safe house to keep all the farmed items and weapons or lose everything

GENRE: Battle Royale/Survival PLATFORM: PC, Android, iOS RATING: 16 INSTALL SIZE: 1GB LANGUAGE : English + Localization

🤖Famous IP Based RPG

PLXYER’s first famous IP based game is in development. A cross-platform, web3 game and MMORPG with life-like actions and RPG gameplay features similar to GTA and Yakuza Series. PLXYER’s goal is to lead and grow a syndicate within the game through constant frictions among different forces, mainly neighbouring gangs and rivals, through a large scale PVP wars and territorial wars to gain the control of territories in order to accumulate the in-game wealth to grow the syndicates. Players will need to strategize their position in order to be successful in the game which is gaining goods and wealth which may be gained through PVP fights, looting and other means.

GENRE: Noir Stylish MMORPG PLATFORM: Android, iOS RATING: 18

INSTALL SIZE: 1GB LANGUAGE : English + Localization

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