📈Token Economics

The PLXYER ecosystem utilises the tradable $PLXY as the native governance and utility token on its platform.

The PLXYER ecosystem revolves around the $PLXY token which is tradable on decentralised and centralised exchanges, with multiple utility functions. It acts as a governance token, allowing holders to participate in decision-making processes for the platform's future development. Additionally, $PLXY serves as the primary currency on the native marketplace, enabling users to purchase and sell NFTs. The token is also used as an entry fee and platform fees for web3 game tournaments, providing a standardised payment method.

Furthermore, $PLXY is utilised to lobby for new games and expedite the game listing process, giving token holders the ability to influence game selection. It is also used as a fee for NFT peer-to-peer services, ensuring the smooth operation of these functionalities. The $PLXY token usage extends to the guild management portal, providing benefits such as governance participation, access to exclusive features, and intra-guild transactions. Holding $PLXY tokens further offers advantages like white list spots for NFT sales, access to exclusive content, free giveaways, beta testing opportunities, and early access to platform features. Overall, the PLXYER ecosystem leverages the utility of $PLXY tokens to foster community engagement, facilitate transactions, and enhance user experiences across various aspects of the platform.

The ecosystem also includes a one-stop information center for blockchain games through the PLXYER web3 game wiki platform. This platform provides comprehensive details about different blockchain games, including mechanics, token economics, and other relevant information. It is a valuable resource for individuals interested in exploring and understanding Web3 game projects.

Furthermore, the PLXYER ecosystem offers on-chain activity reward services that can be subscribed using the native $PLXY token. These services help promote exposure for projects and drive community engagement. Projects can also advertise their games through the integrated ads system and feature listings on the platform, which can also be accessed by subscribing through the $PLXY token.

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