The PLXYER platform leverages blockchain technology, with various in-game assets being NFTs. This unique feature grants users full ownership and control over their in-game items. The platform provides a dedicated marketplace where users can buy, sell and trade NFTs using $PLXY tokens.

The PLXYER platform offers NFT committing and NFT supplying features to its users as part of its services

NFT Committing: Users of the PLXYER platform have the opportunity to commit their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for reward. The NFT Committing is done through a smart contract for a specific period. By committing their NFTs, users can earn rewards, such as additional tokens or platform benefits, based on the duration and value of their locked NFTs. This incentivizes users to hold and contribute their NFT assets to the platform.

NFT Supplying: The PLXYER platform facilitates NFT-supplying services, allowing users to supply their NFTs to other platform participants. By supplying their NFTs, users can earn interest or fees in return. This feature enables users to monetize their NFT assets without permanently parting with them. Borrowers, on the other hand, can utilize the supplied NFTs for a specified period, leveraging their benefits or features within the game ecosystem.

These NFT committing and supplying services the PLXYER platform provides users additional avenues to generate value from their NFT assets. It promotes liquidity, facilitates asset utilization, and creates opportunities for users to benefit from their NFT ownership beyond traditional buy-and-sell transactions.

🛒PLXYER Marketplace

PLXYER provides a full marketplace, where game creators and gamers themselves can trade all in-game assets. This marketplace will allow gamers to realise their rewards directly and enable game creators to integrate all types of game assets into the platform.

Game creators can also open up a new B2B revenue stream on the marketplace, meaning that they are no longer limited to player spending. An experienced game creator can offer assets to a less experienced creator, reducing the complexity and time required to release a game.

All creators on the platform are incentivized to offer quality games, valuable cross-game assets and engaging, thrilling game experiences, which all contribute to exponentially expanding the PLXYER ecosystem.

🧑‍✈️Pilot system

The PLXYER Pilot Service is an innovative and unique feature that allows players to grant temporary access to their game accounts to other players, enabling them to play on their behalf. This system is made possible through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). When a player decides to utilize the PLXYER Pilot Service, their game account is tokenized and represented as an NFT. This NFT functions as a digital asset that proves ownership and access rights to the specific game account. By converting the account into an NFT, the player gains greater control over who can access their account and for how long.

To initiate the PLXYER Pilot Service, the account owner can set specific parameters and restrictions for the temporary access. They can choose the duration of the access, the games or game modes the pilot player can access, and any other limitations they wish to impose.

The PLXYER Pilot Service introduces exciting possibilities for players in the gaming community. By transforming game accounts into NFTs, players can grant temporary access to friends and trusted individuals, fostering collaboration, and camaraderie. This feature enables skill-sharing and learning from experts, while also providing a convenient way for players with limited time to continue their gaming progress. Moreover, it allows for personalized gaming experiences by granting specific access based on preferences. Additionally, the use of NFTs opens up potential monetization opportunities, where players may choose to trade or sell account access. With its innovative approach to account sharing and ownership, the PLXYER Pilot Service creates a vibrant and socially-driven gaming environment that empowers players to enhance their gaming journey in novel ways.

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