PLXYER Litepaper
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Token Utility

Token Utility

👑 $PLXY as a governance token

$PLXY as a governance token is designed to empower users and enable community-driven decision-making within the PLXYER ecosystem. As a governance token, $PLXY holders have the opportunity to participate in shaping the platform's future by voting on important proposals and upgrades. By holding $PLXY, users gain the ability to contribute their opinions, suggestions, and feedback, ensuring a decentralized and inclusive decision-making process. This governance model promotes transparency, fairness, and accountability within the PLXYER community.
Through the governance power of $PLXY, token holders play a crucial role in shaping the platform's policies, development roadmap, and ecosystem enhancements. The collective wisdom and engagement of the community drive the evolution of PLXYER, fostering a dynamic and responsive environment for the benefit of all participants.

🤝 $PLXY as a utility token on its native marketplace

$PLXY token serves as the primary currency for purchasing and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the PLXYER marketplace. As a utility token, $PLXY plays a pivotal role in facilitating transactions within the NFT ecosystem.
With $PLXY, users gain access to a diverse range of NFTs available on the marketplace from the games that are listed on the PLXYER game portal and other NFT collections as well. They can use $PLXY to acquire these unique and exclusive digital assets, use them in-game, add them to their personal collections or trade them with other community members. Sellers on the marketplace also accept $PLXY as payment for their NFTs, creating a vibrant economy where users can easily exchange their tokens for desirable digital items. The use of $PLXY for NFT transactions ensures a streamlined and secure process, enhancing liquidity and fostering a thriving marketplace.
Furthermore, holding $PLXY tokens may offer additional benefits within the marketplace ecosystem, such as access to exclusive NFT drops, discounts, or rewards for active participation and engagement. Overall, $PLXY token functions as a fundamental medium of exchange within the PLXYER NFT marketplace, enabling users to engage in seamless and secure transactions while exploring and acquiring NFTs.

💵 $PLXY as an entry fee and platform fees for tournaments

$PLXY token serves a crucial role in facilitating web3 game tournaments on the PLXYER platform by acting as both an entry fee and platform fees. As an entry fee, participants in web3 game tournaments are typically required to pay a certain amount of $PLXY tokens to join. By utilizing $PLXY as the entry fee, the platform fosters a unified and standardized payment method, streamlining the registration process for participants.
Additionally, $PLXY token is utilized as platform fees for organizing these web3 game tournaments. The platform charges a small percentage of $PLXY tokens as fees to cover the operational costs associated with hosting and managing the tournaments. These fees contribute to the continuous development and improvement of the platform, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both players and organizers.
By utilizing $PLXY as the entry fee and platform fees, the PLXYER platform establishes a self-sustaining ecosystem where participants actively engage in web3 game tournaments while supporting the growth and development of the platform itself. This utilization of $PLXY as a payment mechanism reinforces the importance of the token within the platform's gaming ecosystem and promotes its adoption and circulation.
$PLXY used to lobby and fast track game listing: When it comes to lobbying for new games, $PLXY token holders have the opportunity to use their tokens as a voting mechanism to express their interest and support for specific games to be added to the platform. By allocating their $PLXY tokens towards the games they believe should be prioritized, token holders can actively influence the decision-making process and advocate for the inclusion of their preferred games. This democratic approach allows the community to collectively shape the game selection and ensure that the platform aligns with the interests and preferences of its users.
Moreover, publishers can utilize their $PLXY tokens to expedite the game listing process. By committing or using $PLXY tokens, game developers and publishers can potentially fast-track the evaluation and review of their games, expediting the listing and availability of their titles on the platform. This mechanism provides an incentive for developers to leverage $PLXY tokens and accelerates the growth of the platform's game library.
The use of $PLXY tokens to lobby for new games and expedite the game listing process promotes an active and engaged community, fosters collaboration between developers and players, and ensures a diverse and exciting selection of games on the PLXYER Game Portal. This integration of $PLXY tokens empowers token holders to actively participate in shaping the platform's game offerings and facilitates a more inclusive and dynamic gaming environment.

🔸 $PLXY as a fee for NFT committing and supplying services

In the context of NFT supplying, users who wish to borrow or rent NFTs on the platform are required to pay a fee in $PLXY tokens. These fees ensure the smooth operation of the supplying service and help cover the costs associated with managing and securing the NFTs during the supplying period. By using $PLXY tokens as fees, the platform establishes a standardized and efficient payment system, streamlining the supplying process for participants.
Additionally, in NFT committing services, where users can earn rewards by committing their NFTs, $PLXY tokens are used as fees. Participants are required to pay a certain amount of $PLXY tokens as a committing fee to enter the NFT committing program. This fee contributes to the overall rewards pool and helps maintain the sustainability and fairness of the ecosystem. By utilizing $PLXY as a fee payment method in NFT peer-to-peer services, the PLXYER platform creates a self-sustaining model that incentivizes participation and ensures the smooth functioning of these services. The use of $PLXY tokens as fees promotes the circulation and value of the token within the platform's ecosystem while providing users with opportunities to engage in NFT-related activities and earn rewards.

💎 $PLXY usage in the guild management portal

The Guild management portal is a platform feature that enables users to create and manage their own guilds, fostering community engagement and collaboration. The use of $PLXY tokens in the Guild management portal provides several benefits and functionalities:

👥 Guild Creation

To create a guild, users are typically required to lock a certain amount of $PLXY tokens. This lock ensures that guild creation is meaningful and requires a commitment from the user. By committing $PLXY tokens, users demonstrate their dedication and investment in establishing and managing a guild.

💪 Governance and Decision-making

$PLXY token holders within a guild often have voting rights and the ability to participate in governance decisions. This means that the number of $PLXY tokens held by a guild member may determine their voting power and influence in shaping the direction of the guild. This governance mechanism ensures a democratic and inclusive decision-making process within the guild ecosystem.

✨ Access to Guild-specific Features

$PLXY token holders in a guild may enjoy access to exclusive features or benefits within the Guild management portal. This could include special guild events, competitions, rewards, or privileges tailored specifically for guild members. These features incentivize token holders to actively participate and engage with their guild community.

💰 Intra-Guild Transactions:

$PLXY tokens can be used as a medium of exchange within the Guild management portal. Members can trade or exchange $PLXY tokens with other guild members for various purposes, such as acquiring guild-specific assets, funding guild projects, or incentivizing contributions within the guild ecosystem. This creates a vibrant economy within the guild community, promoting collaboration and interaction.

🥇Reputation and Ranking

The number of $PLXY tokens held or locked by the guild members can contribute to their reputation or ranking within the guild. Higher token holdings may indicate a greater level of commitment, influence, or seniority within the guild structure. This reputation system helps recognize and reward active and dedicated guild members.
Overall, the use of $PLXY tokens in the Guild management portal facilitates the establishment, governance, and growth of guilds within the PLXYER ecosystem. It incentivizes participation, empowers token holders to shape the direction of their guilds, and fosters a sense of community and collaboration.
$PLXY tokens provides several other benefits, including:

💯 White List Spot for NFT Sales

$PLXY token holders often have the advantage of gaining access to exclusive white lists for NFT sales. This privilege allows token holders to have priority in purchasing or participating in limited edition NFT drops before they are made available to the general public. This early access provides an opportunity to acquire sought-after NFTs and potentially benefit from their appreciation in value.

🔥 Access to Exclusive Content

Holding $PLXY tokens can grant users access to exclusive content on the PLXYER platform. This may include special in-game items, digital collectibles, or premium features that are only available to token holders. Access to exclusive content enhances the overall user experience and provides additional value to $PLXY holders.

💸 Free Giveaways

$PLXY token holders may receive free giveaways of other tokens or NFTs as a form of reward or appreciation. Giveaways can be a way for projects or partners to distribute tokens or assets to their existing token holders, providing additional value and potential opportunities for token holders to benefit from new projects or assets.

🤖 Beta Testing

Holding $PLXY tokens can offer the opportunity to participate in beta testing for new games, features, or platform updates. Beta testing allows token holders to experience and provide feedback on upcoming releases before they are made available to the general public. This involvement enables token holders to influence the development process and contribute to the improvement of the platform.

🙌 Early Access

$PLXY token holders often enjoy early access to new features, services, or functionalities introduced on the PLXYER platform. This gives token holders the advantage of being among the first to explore and utilise new offerings, providing a sense of exclusivity and the opportunity to take advantage of features before they are widely available.
These benefits not only enhance the overall user experience for $PLXY token holders but also provide them with opportunities to engage with exclusive content, participate in early access programs, and potentially benefit from the appreciation of NFTs or other reward tokens.