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PLXYER (pronounced as Player) is a web3 game distribution platform for blockchain games with all-in-one features for Web3 developers and players. Experience a seamless integration of traditional and on-chain gaming, turnkey game creation tools, platform governance, a guild management portal, and an NFT marketplace with various P2P services. Our mission is to provide game creators with the best tools and resources for launching and managing Web3 games while offering players the ultimate gaming experience.
PLXYER takes a creator-centric approach to enable next-generation, on-chain gameplay, creating value across its ecosystem for players, creators, and token holders.


At PLXYER, our mission is to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing a decentralized platform that bridges the gap between game creators and the global gamer community. We aim to empower players with ownership and participation in game selection through community governance and NFT integration. By offering purpose-built tools, a diverse game marketplace, and collaborative partnerships, we strive to foster the growth of blockchain game and create a sustainable web3 gaming ecosystem.
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